ADLER AQUAE - Magic water world with breathtaking view

A 1000 m² outdoor and indoor pool area with the stunning backdrop of the Tuscan countryside. Immerse yourself in the hot springs of our Thermal World ADLER AQUAE and allow your thoughts to drift across the poetic landscape ...


Indoor & outdoor thermal pools
Water temperature 36 °C (96,8°F), depth 1,40 m ... The thick clouds of steam floating above the thermal pools are good for the body, but also for the soul. Whilst bathing you will inhale the active vapours of our mineral-rich water, an unforgettable wellness experience.


Freshwater sports pool with a current channel "Wild River"
Depth of the swimming pool 1,40 m, Width 12,5 m, Length 25 m, water temperature 28°C (82,4° F). Swim in every season, enjoy swimming lengths and refreshing water fun in the "Wild River" channel, where strongly flowing water creates the feeling of a flowing river.


Children Fun Pool with thermal water
Depth of the swimming pool 30-45 cm, Temperature: 36°C. In the children's Fun Pool our youngest guests will find water slides, a water channel, jet fountains and have a lot of fun splashing around!

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