Thermal Spa

Hot Springs of Wellness

Our thermal water is charged with healing powers from the depths of the earth. The rainwater seeps through the upper permeable layers deep into the ground. As it does so, it is warmed up and at the same time washes minerals and sulphur compounds out of the rock. At a depth of about 1,000 metres, the water comes into contact with hot layers of volcanic material, which further warms the water until it starts to rise to the surface at a temperature of 50° C. This cycle lasts several decades, which gives the water time to absorb a variety of valuable substances.


The thermal centre at the Hotel Adler Thermae offers a choice of a variety of tailor-made spa packages for deep relaxation and the promotion of sustainable health. At the beginning of each package you will have an in-depth discussion with the doctor who will create a personalised treatment programme with you.


Find health and wellness with our presonalized programmes

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