Special Detox Weeks

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... but this offer is currently not bookable.
Thanks to ADLER Balance DETOX formula based on 4 basic principles - relaxation, purification, nutritional plan and physical activity - we can help to restore mental and physical balance. You will feel reborn.

These weeks of September and October we offer a 15% reduction on the ADLER DETOX program.
Full board with individual programme-based diet meals
1 Medical Consultation
1 Bioelectric check-up
1 Bio-impedanciometry
1 Personal nutrition profile
2 Mayr medicine methods
2 Draining Balance packs
2 Balance hydromassages
2 Counselling sessions with the naturopath
2 Aqua Detox foot-baths
1 Medical check
4 Balance massages
2 Private coaching sessions
2 Breathing exercise sessions in a group
1 Final consultation
Please note:, arrival is only possible on the following days:
Thursday, Sunday
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