Special Weight Loss

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... but this offer is currently not bookable.
Get into shape during your spa vacation! A healthy and lasting weight reduction has positive effects not only on the physical aspect but also a profound impact on health status.
Follow our motto "pleasure without remorse" to quickly lose a few extra pounds.
In these weeks we offer you a special 15% discount on our health programs.
full board with individual programme-based diet meals

1 Medical Consultation
1 Bioelectric check-up
1 Bio-impedanciometry

1 Personal nutrition profile
3 Balance massages
2 Draining algae packs
1 Balance hydromassage 
1 Medical check
2 Body Fit sessions
2 Pressotherapies with wrap
2 Private coaching sessions
2 Breathing exercise sessions in a group
1 Final medical consultation
Please note:, arrival is only possible on the following days:
Thursday, Sunday

Programmes included in the price

  • ADLER Balance Weight Loss Intensive

ADLER Balance Weight Loss Intensive

Permanent weight reduction programmes with a focus on healthy and relaxed eating habit.
• Finding and maintaining your ideal weight
• Accepting and learning to love your body
• High blood pressure, excessive cholesterol, nervous hunger
Individual nutrition plan with set mealtimes.
A preparatory programme is sent out for the week prior to arrival.
Minimum Duration of Stay: 7 Nights
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