Beauty & Body

Give your skin a fresh radiance. ADLER SPA has the solution in the form of innovative beauty treatments and exclusive cosmetics. Place your trust in our fully trained SPA team and learn how to take advantage of your strong points.


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Beauty Services

• approx. 20 min.
• body approx. 10 min. 24 €, 3 sessions 49 €
• approx. 50 min.


Full-depth cleansing, followed by a facial grape-based mask for a soft revitalised complexion.
• approx. 50 min.
Sensitive skins respond to green staminal with sensational results! Effective cleansing of face, neck and décolleté is followed by innovative feel-good treatments with the stem-cell extract of the grape to give the skin a new radiance and freshness.

• approx. 50 min. € 127
• with oxygen therapy approx. 75 min. € 147
This special massage technique strengthens the microcirculation and stimulates the lymphatic system. For cleansing the tissues and draining accumulations of water – and a heightened sense of the lightness of being.

• approx. 50 min.
Gentle full-body peeling followed by a moisturising milk and honey pack cleanses and nourishes the skin.

• approx. 50 min.
Intensively moisturising and relaxing full-body treatment: floating gently in the warm water enveloped in a veil of milk, Tuscan olive oil, honey and oil essences.

• approx. 50 min.
Suggested programme
  • 1 Excellence Rejuvenating
  • 1 Draining Massage
  • 1 ADLER Tuscany Massage
  • 1 Body scrub with milk and honey
  • +10% discount on additional treatments
Personalised relax massage with the best that Mother Earth has to offer. Spoil yourself with milk and honey body butter, velvety olive cream, and body oil with vegetable melatonin or grapeseed oil.

• approx. 50 min.
This appliance-based treatment brings immediate relief to heavy legs, while we pamper you with a massage of the face and hands.

• approx. 50 min.

Boys & Girls

A wonderful children’s massage with a fine honey aroma provides gentle care for young skins.

• approx. 20 min.
A sweet blend of skin-care agents and a gentle feeling on the skin. The chocolate aroma brings happiness.

• approx. 20 min.
Enjoy rare relaxing moments with your child!

• approx. 20 min.

Aqua Wellness & Fangotherapy

You lie pleasantly relaxed under jets of warm thermal water and enjoy a feel-good massage with almond oil for an all-round revitalised body feeling.

• approx. 50 min.
Feel-good bath in the hydromassage tub with 170 massage jets, enriched with a choice of organic herbs or oil essences. Ideal preparation for a massage.

• approx. 15 min.
  • Fango Packs. A pack of bioactive volcanic mineral mud and the curative thermal water release muscle tension, relax the body and offer optimal preparation for a massage.
  • Tension: Fango with zeolite clay is good for back and neck pains, tendinitis and strained muscles.
  • Traumas: Fango with halloysite clay accelerates the resorption of water in the tissues. Recommended for bruises and swellings.
  • Arthrosis: Fango with montmorillonite reduces inflammation and eases pain. Recommended for joint wear and chronic joint pains.
• approx. 20 min.
Weightless floating and relaxation in warm thermal water enriched with Dead Sea salt bring deep cleansing and harmony to the skin.

• approx. 13 € per person
• exclusive for two 25 € per person
Supervised motor exercises in the warm thermal water with positive effects on the joints and locomotor system. Reduced body weight in the water makes the exercises more effective and kinder to the joints, vertebral discs and veins.
High-pressure water jets and warm Thalasso mud stimulate the circulation and lymphatics.

• approx. 15 min.
You lie pleasantly relaxed under jets of warm thermal water and enjoy a cleansing full-body massage with sea salt and almond oil for an all-round revitalised body feeling.

• approx. 40 min.
Harmonisation and relaxation for body and soul in the warm thermal water, created by the use of special Shiatsu, Ayurveda and Thai massage techniques.

• approx. 45 min. 90 €
• for couples approx. 45 min. 90 €
per person
Shiatsu in warm thermal water for deep relaxation in body and soul. The floating effect in the water releases blockages and stimulates the flow of energy.

• approx. 45 min.

Facial treatments

A treatment with the power of the sea! An active agent selected specially for your type of skin unfolds its full effects under the cooling Masque Thalasso. At the same time, an algae mask cleanses the skin and delivers moisture in concentrated form.

• approx. 50 min.
ADLER Luxury Visage
Enjoy our luxurious ADLER treatment ritual for the face – individually tailored to your needs and skin type. Experience the visible effects.

• approx. 75 min.
A smooth facial skin and faded pigment spots are the result of this treatment with a highly effective fruit extract for the removal of dead flakes of skin, a serum with 56 active agents and a vitamin C mask.

• approx. 50 min.
• with oxygen therapy approx. 75 min. 147 €
The peak of rejuvenating beauty care! Special products with almond oil and vegetable butter in combination with hyaluronic acid produce a smooth and firm facial skin.

• approx. 50 min.
• approx. 75 min. with radiofrequency
Lifting treatment reduces facial expression
lines through the increased production of
elastin and collagen fibres. For a facial skin
as smooth as silk.

• approx. 50 min.
In-depth cleansing for a clearly revitalised skin of harmonious texture. Double ionisation promotes oxygen uptake in the cells of the skin and smoothes away irregularities.

• approx. 75 min.
Innovative facial treatment with a special cosmetic instrument for shaping the facial contours. For a firm and smooth skin with reduced wrinkles.

• approx. 50 min.
The ultimate treatment for spectacular lifting effects. The self-warming mask with trace elements leaves the facial contours firm and fresh.

• approx. 50 min.
The use of radiofrequency energy strengthens the metabolism and stimulates the production of collagen for visible lifting effects.

• approx. 50 min.
Oxygen infusions and natural serum counteract ageing in the skin  or instantly visible effects. The result is a smoother and younger skin.

• approx. 50 min.
Suggested Programme
  • 1 Preparatory facial treatment
  • 2 Facial treatments (50 min.)
  • 1 Eye treatment

Body Treatments & Thalasso

Enjoy our luxurious ADLER relax and grooming ritual – individually tailored to your needs and skin type. Experience the visible effects.

• approx. 75 min.
This specific body treatment strengthens and firms the deep tissues, gives the skin a new elasticity and tone and compensates skin irregularities.

• approx. 50 min.
A relaxing Anti-aging treatment with grapeseed peeling and a Brunello mask provides a wonderful feeling of relaxation and lightness of being.

• approx. 50 min.
This effective body treatment with intensive anti-cellulite effects consists of a massage and a thermal pack with the stem-cell extract of the grape.

• approx. 50 min.
Beauty and wellbeing at their best thanks to the use of valuable body oils. A revitalising mask and a velvety body cream with regenerating collagen and elastin pamper the skin and provide the basis for a firm and slim silhouette. The result is a wonderfully refreshed and relaxed feeling.

• approx. 50 min.
A ritual for all the senses based on the vegetable agent resveratrol – a natural moisturising elixir with Anti-aging properties. A relaxing massage completes this unique treatment.

• approx. 75 min.
Local body treatment with slimming, detoxifying and draining
 effects. A massage followed by application of a firming body wrap with caffeine stimulates drainage of the tissues and sculpts the contours of the body.

• approx. 50 min.
• with pressotherapy approx. 75 min.
Local body shaping treatment with a thermal mask to promote uptake of the active agents applied to the skin. Sea-salt peeling and a firming serum combine to produce a smooth skin and clearly improved tone.

• approx. 50 min.
Innovative ultrasound treatment for increased fat metabolism and the targeted reduction of local fat pads.

• approx. 50 min. 87 €
• with lymph drainage approx. 75 min. 107 €
• with LPG body approx. 75 min. 107 €
A feel-good nourishing body pack with the fruity aromas of Tuscan olive oil brings moisture to the skin and relaxation to body and soul.

• approx. 50 min.
An innovative lipomassage programme with anti-cellulite and figure sculpting effects; reduces fat pads, smoothes the skin and stimulates the micro-circulation.

• approx. 50 min. 87 €
• with cavitation approx. 75 min. 107 €
An effective treatment to reduce cellulite and drain the tissues accompanied by a facial massage for enhanced well-being.

• approx. 50 min.
Local ultrasonic body toning treatment for renewed elasticity and a harmonious skin.

• approx. 50 min.
Enjoy floating weightlessly in the salt water of the Grotta Salina and then rest and dream enveloped in a nourishing aroma pack. The result is a soft and supple skin with a gentle fragrance.

• approx. 35 min.
Body treatment with volcanic halloysite clay with pronounced draining and cleansing effects. Recommended for cellulite, lymph blockages and swollen legs.

• approx. 50 min. 87 €
• with Cellutrim approx. 75 min. 107 €
• with LPG approx. 75 min. 107 €
Local body treatment with sauna effects to reduce water retention and eliminate toxins. Clay, green tea and caffeine combine to produce firming, draining and also slimming effects.

• approx. 50 min.
  • 1 Peeling Massage on the Vichy bed (40 min.)
  • 1 Thalasso facial treatment
  • 1 Thalasso body pack (20 min.)
  • 1 Thalasso body treatment (75 min.)
  • 1 Grotta Salina
  • +10% discount on additional treatments
A firming and draining anti-cellulite treatment with extracts of algae from the island of Elba. Full-body peeling followed by a body pack and a warm bath guarantee a complete feel-good experience.

• approx. 75 min.
This warm feel-good body pack with active agents from the sea has toning and anti-cellulite effects; it stimulates the lymphatic circulation and facilitates skin uptake of the active agents. A real energy boost!

• approx. 20 min. 47 €
• with pressotherapy approx. 50 min. 87 €
• with LPG body approx. 50 min. 87 €

Man Spa

A fine grape-seed peeling, a feel-good Vino Nobile bath and a regenerating grape-seed oil massage relax body and soul. A local wine and cheese tasting will complete this unique ritual.

• approx. 100 min. € 119 per person
This relaxing full-body massage releases muscle tension and creates a feeling of harmony and wellbeing. Even more effective in combination with a fango pack.

• approx. 50 min.
Relaxing and anti-aging facial treatment with vegetable melatonin extracted from sage, oats and yarrow. For intensive stimulation and rejuvenation of the skin. The whole treatment is accompanied by a pleasant massage.

• approx. 50 min. 127 €
• approx. 75 min. with radiofrequency 147 €
Suggested programme
  • 1 ADLER facial cleansing
  • 1 Relax Massage (50 min.)
  • 1 Anti-stress Massage on the Vichy bed (50 min.)
  • 1 ADLER relax ritual (50 min.)
  • 1 Manicure or pedicure
  • +10% discount on additional treatments
Anti-stress treatment for deep relaxation which includes a warm cream bath enriched with passion flower, camomile, vervain and essences of lavender, followed by an individual full-body massage. For inner harmony and a calm spirit.

• approx. 75 min.
LPG Lipo Massage Stomach. Innovative treatment with a special cosmetic appliance with sculpting effects. Reduces fat pads, tightens and smoothens the skin and stimulates drainage of the lymphatics.

• approx. 50 min. 87 €
• approx. 30 min. 40 €,
2 treatments 72 €
• approx. 45 min. 60 €,
2 treatments 107 €
Powerful massage with intensive effects on the muscles – in preparation for sport activities or for relaxing the muscles afterwards.

• approx. 50 min.
A relaxing body pack with bioactive volcanic mud containing zeolith loosens the muscles and provides optimal preparation for a massage.

• approx. 20 min.
Innovative and effective full-body workout that functions with a combination of bodyweight and gravity and helps you quickly achieve and maintain higher levels of performance.

• approx. 45 min. 60 | Forfait 2 sessions 110 €
Gentle peeling and a draining mask with the active agents of red Sangiovese grapes produce a pure and radiant, youthful facial skin.

• approx. 50 min. 127 €
• with LPG approx. 75 min. 147 €

Hair Spa / Coiffeur

For immediate spectacular results. One treatment is enough to strengthen and revitalise your hair for a silky and shiny effect.

• Short hair 131 €
• Long hair 161 €
Gold treatment: For soft and silky hair.
Hair cuts for him and her
• 23 €

Wash & Dry
• from 32 €
Thalasso Balance Treatment: For greasy hair; with harmonising effects on the scalp.
Thalasso Comfort Treatment: For sensitive and irritated scalps; offers protection and relaxation.
Thalasso Purity Treatment: Indicated hair treatment for dandruff.
Thalasso Vitality Treatment: Good for hair loss; nourishes and
strengthens the scalp.
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