Thalasso & Baths

15 min
Countless high-pressure water jets stimulate the circulation and lymphatics, while the warmth of the water helps the muscles to relax.
50 min.
Peeling and pack with highly effective sea algae. Shapes the body, tightens the skin and refreshesthe complexion.
70 min.
Firming and draining anti-cellulite treatment with thermal algae from Elba. Peeling, algae mud bath, pack and massage for fresh vitality and intensive wellbeing.
50 min.
Moisturising, remineralising treatment with active agents derived from micro-algae.
Especially refreshing and restorative for tired and stressed skins.
20 min.
Toning and cleansing. Trace elements, minerals and vitamins stimulate the metabolism and support fat reduction.
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