Organic Spa & Winetherapy

The name of our in-house range of organic cosmetics is ADLER SPA and contains pure and natural ingredients from the untouched natural landscapes of Tuscany and the Dolomites. The aim of our "Adler Spa" range is to preserve the healthiness and beauty of the skin. Our care tip for you - use it at home too.


Red wine grapes - fruit of eternal youth. Experience the thrilling potency of red wine grapes as a natural anti-aging treatment. ADLER SPA vinotherapy treatments take you into a world of sensual pleasures and holistic well-being.

Bio-Spa & Vinotherapy

100 min.
Delightful combination of a bath enriched with Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, grapeseed peeling and regenerating massage. Relaxation pure for body and soul.
50 min.
Feel-good anti-ageing treatment with wine and grape-seed. Cleanses and regenerates the whole body.

€ 80
75 min.
Cleansing and grooming treatment starting with a gentle full-body peeling pack, while the face is pampered with a moisturising mask, plus Total Body massageto finish.
50 min.
This sensuously grooming treatment for the body comprises a peeling with brown sugar and a moisturising milk and honey pack. For a smooth skin.
50 min.
Nourishing skin care with pure natural Tuscan olive oil. For a feeling of wellbeing and a skin as soft as velvet.
45 min.
Nutritive and revitalising, for a smooth skin as soft as velvet.
45 min.
Massage with a milk and honey cream to pamper and revitalise the body.
Natural wellbeing
1 Facial Treatment with Sangiovese Grapes1 Milk & Honey or Brunello Body Scrub1 Grape Massage1 Olive Cream Massage1 Tuscan Dream Treatment
50 min.
A natural elixir for rejuvenation par excellence. The anti-oxidative agents in the red grapes give your face a relaxed and youthful radiance.
45 min.
With anti-ageing effects, for a revitalised body and full relaxation.
50 min.
Milk bath and massage with warm honey for a firmer skin that invites caressing.
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