Treatments for twosomes

100 min.
Delightful combination of a bath enriched with Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, grapeseed peeling and regenerating massage. Relaxation pure for body and soul.
75 min.
A beguiling sensuous experience for twosomes.
While enjoying the luxury treatment with Brunello, you will be served fine Tuscan delights of the palate.
• 75 min. Price per person.
20 min.
Weightless floating and relaxation in the warm salt water.The Dead Sea salt cleanses and soothes the skin. Enjoy the intimate atmosphere of the Grotta Salina reserved for you and your partner alone.• approx. 20 min. 25 € per person
50 min.
A treatment ritual from 1001 Nights.Massage with warm aroma pads filled with oriental spices and soaked in nourishing Shea butter. This ritual – inspired by a tradition of southeast China – envelops you in a veil of aromatic wellbeing.
50 min.
Wellness ritual for two with beguiling Oriental aromas. Following a warm foot bath with aromatic essences, let us pamper you both with a feel-good foot and hand massage. 

• 79 € per person
40 min.
The roots of this beauty ritual lie in the ancient Orient. Various types of curative earth are applied to the body and their beneficial effects reinforced with warm herbal vapours. The treatment has a deep cleansing effect and leaves your skin clear and soft as velvet.
Available : 
• with clay 44 € per person
• with black soap 44 € per person
75 min.
Enjoy the seductive scents while your body is pampered with a relaxing fullbody massage and regenerating bath with individually selected aromatic oils. During the bath you will be served with exotic relax teas.

€ 111 per Person
100 min.
Body treatment with macadamia nuts and other treasures from the Amazon rain forest. The massage with molten butter and plum wood sticks is an exotic aromatic experience.

• 100 min. 119 € per person
35 min
Cleansing ritual for two in the Grotta Salina. Float weightlessly and relax in the warm salt water, spoil yourself with a cleansing aromatic peeling and then enjoy pure peace and quiet. For a radiant and attractively aromatic skin.• approx. 35 min. 42 € per person
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