Ayurveda MED

Ayurvedic treatment tailored to your individual needs for physical wellbeing and spiritual harmony.

• approx. 75 min.
The body’s vital points are stimulated through light pressure to restore the flow of energy and bring harmony to body and soul.

• approx. 50 min.
Oil compresses on the forehead harmonise the flow of thoughts.

• approx. 75 min.
A cleansing massage with warm bags of medicinal rice and herbs. Good for rheumatism, pains of the joints and muscles, and back pains (e.g. sciatica, slipped disc, etc).

• approx. 75 min.
A gentle massage with warm oil followed by a relaxing bath stimulates the circulation, creating detoxifying effects and revitalising the skin.

• approx. 75 min.
A special treatment for the ears with warm sesame oil. Good for earache, tinnitus, headache, bodily tension and pain in the jaw.

• approx. 20 min.
A special treatment that clears the respiratory system.

• approx. 20 min.
For restoration of the harmonious interaction of the Doshas, specific treatments are provided to reactivate the body’s powers of self-healing and stimulate the natural functioning of all organs.
As a welcome side effect, this programme also has visible rejuvenating effects on your appearance.
Anamnesis, determination of heart rate and the Dosha to be balanced

1 Shiro Picchu

1 Kerala 

1 Water Zen Massage

1 Kundalini treatment

1 Foot reflex zone massage in the thermal water

1 Ayurvedic food supplements

1 Ayurvedic detoxification tea 

1 Private Yoga

Daily Yoga exercises in the group
An individualised treatment comprising diagnosis, cleansing and counselling for a healthy and harmonious lifestyle. The ideal way to restore the balance of the Doshas.
Suggested programme
  • Diagnosis, measurement of the heart rate, analysis of the Doshas and individual nutrition counselling
  • Ayurvedic detox treatment 
  • Snehapana detoxification (with Ghee butter) 
  • Garshan Massage 
  • Navara Kizhi treatment 
  • Abhyanga Massage 
  • Inner cleansing with Virechana (drink of honey and herbs) 
  • Harmonising Marma treatment
  • Ayurvedic food supplements
  • Ayurvedic detoxification tea 
  • Daily Yoga exercises in the group
  • +10% discount on additional treatments
The gentle cleansing massage with ghee has detoxifying effects and stimulates the immune system.

• approx. 50 min.
• 2 treatments approx. 50 min. 165 €
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