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Your luxury 5 star spa hotel among the Italian Tuscany Hills

Sometimes, what really makes a spa stand out among the others is the setting: wonderful natural landscapes that turn these wellness oases into extraordinarily beautiful and quiet places. When the wonderful artistic and natural background is added with the utmost quality of treatments, the extreme expertise of operators, tasty food and a very friendly team, the oasis – the Adler Thermae at Bagno Vignoni  – becomes a must-go for a pause of total relax.

The Adler Thermae is close to the evocative Medieval village of Bagno Vignoni, characterized by an ancient thermal basin (where the waters of the original source flow), surrounded by inns, historic houses and even a church, just like in the main square of a village. 
This fairy-tale landscape – occupying the southern tip of the Province of Siena – is flanked by two historical towns which are world-famous for their wines: Montalcino with its Brunello in the west and Montepulciano with its “Vino Nobile” in the east, the two towns are just 35 km apart. Inbetween these two bastions of wine-making lies another UNESCO World Heritage site, Pienza, offering wonderful panoramic views at a height of 429 metres above sealevel.
The medieval town with its splendid Renaissance buildings is the first example of an ideal city based on the aesthetics of Renaissance times, a perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

In 2004, this “ideal landscape” was accordingly added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. As the committee put it: “Val d’Orcia is an unique example of the Renaissance that lends outstanding expressions to the ideals of an aesthetic landscape.”
A typical feature of the Tuscan landscape is the “Crete Senesi”, the famous hills of clay that form the northern limit of Val d’Orcia. A “frozen sea of earthy waves” – that is how the Italian poet Mario Luzi once described what is easily the most popular photographic motif in Tuscany. They look as if a giant had gone over them with a wide plough, transforming the whole area into one vast landscape painting.
Actually these hills, known in the Middle Ages as the Accona Desert, have been shaped by the forces of erosion; they are much more barren than those in Val d’Orcia, but that is the source of their special beauty.
Val d’Orcia is a good place for growing wine and olives, cereals and herbs. The mild climate gives the inhabitants a strong sense of tranquility and guests the feeling that time is not important.
The liberating openness of the hilly countryside with its seasonal change of sometimes energizing sometimes calming colours, the cypress trees with their long evening shadows, dramatic cloudscapes alternating with the ubiquitous serenity of an immaculate azure blue sky – all that forms a unique breathtaking natural scenery that never ceases to captivate.


Tuscany Hiking Special!

  • Tuscany Hiking Special! | 4 Nights
Join our unique hiking program to the most beautiful places of Tuscany. Enjoy exciting walks, delicious tasting and the high quality of local natural products directly from the producer.
Here this year special program:
  • San Quiricio d'Orcia & saffron 
  • San Giovanni d'Asso & white truffle 
  • Montalcino & Brunello di Montalcino
  • Vivo d'Orcia & chestnuts 
  • Montisi & olive oil
  • Pienza & Pasta from organic wheat farming
4 nights for 2 Guests
  • 12.10 - 30.11
starting from € 767,-  Price per person
Price per person
(Double Room Superior)
7 nights for 2 Guests
  • 12.10 - 30.11
starting from € 1.497,-  Price per person
Price per person
(Double Room Superior)

Road Bike week with professional bikers

  • Road Bike week with professional bikers  | 5 Nights
The final episode of this year racing season! This week enjoy cycling with the Profi-Biker Dario Cioni, current sports director of SKY Team, who accompanies you every day on bike trips through the hilly landscape of the southern Tuscany.
5 nights for 2 Guests
  • 16.11 - 23.11
starting from € 887,-  Price per person
Price per person
(Double Room Superior)
7 nights for 2 Guests
  • 16.11 - 23.11
starting from € 1.387,-  Price per person
Price per person
(Double Room Superior)

Explore Tuscany

  • Explore Tuscany  | 5 Nights
Discover the most beautiful spots in Tuscany, the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Val d’Orcia, Pienza and Siena and the famous wine production areas of Montepulciano and Montalcino. Enjoy the unique ADLER AQUAE Water World and the lightness of being while relaxing in the flow of time. 

  • Visit of Montepulciano with Nobile wine tasting
  • Visit of Montalcino and a Brunello winery with tasting
  • Visit of the Renaissance jewel Pienza
  • Visit of Siena, the town of the Palio, the famous historical horse racing
  • 1 Olive Cream Massage
  • 1 Relaxing bath in the Salt Grotta
5 nights for 2 Guests
  • 4.5 - 21.12
starting from € 937,-  Price per person
Price per person
(Double Room Superior)
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