Spa Packages for total wellbeing

Finally time to spend on yourself!

Embark on a journey to find health, vitality and relaxation with our spa packages. Discover the perfect combination of treatments, selected for you by our beauty experts, to treat mind, body and soul. 

Spa & Beuaty Programs

You can select your preferred spa treatments
4 Spa Treatments of 45/50 minutes of your choice  + 10% special reduction on all extra treatments you wish to add to the package.
Reducing daily stress and creating harmony
1 Bach Flower Therapy1 Harmonising experience with lavender1 Anti-stress Fango Pack1 Mediterranean Massage1 Harmonising Scalp Massage1 Massage with vegetable melatonin
Feel-good feelings enjoyed together

Improves Wellbeing, Relaxes & Soothes
1  Oriental Aroma Ceremony for Two
1 Brunello Ritual for two. Price per person:
1 Rasul Bath with black soap for two
1 Grotta Salina for two
1 Excellence Facial Treatment for two

Twosome package, Price per person € 347
Cleansing and harmony for the whole body
1 Abhyanga

1 Kerala

1 Udvarthana

1 Ayurveda Facial Treatment

1 Essence Bath
A complete programme including diagnosis, detoxification and counselling for a more harmonious lifestyle in keeping with your true needs. The ideal way to restore the natural balance of your vital energies (Doshas). Find relief from troublesome complaints and live a long and fulfilled life.

Our tip for you:
For optimum results, you are advised to eat three meals daily during the therapy but to avoid snacks in-between as far as possible. For lunch and dinner,

we recommend you focus on fish and avoid carbohydrates.
1 Anamnesis, determination of heart rate and the Dosha to be balanced,
nutrition counselling, lifestyle recommendations
1 Ayurvedic detox treatment
1 Snehapana detoxification(with Ghee butter)
1 Udvarthana massage1 Navara Kizhi treatment
1 Abhyanga massage
1 Inner cleansing with Virechana(with honey and Ayurvedic herbs)
1 Harmonising Marma treatment1 Ayurvedic food supplements
1 Ayurvedic detoxification tea
Daily Yoga exercises in the group
Natural cleansing and regeneration programmes for the whole organism.
• Cleansing and regeneration for the whole organism
• Chronic fatigue and lack of energy • Digestion disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies and intolerances
Individual nutrition plan with set mealtimes.
A preparatory programme is sent out for the week prior to arrival. 
1 Welcome meeting
1 Consultation
1 Bioelectric check-up
1 Bio-impedancometry
1 Personal nutrition profile
2 Mayr medicine methods
2 Draining Balance packs
2 Balance hydromassages
2 Counselling by the naturopath
2 Aqua Detox foot-bath
1 Medical check
4 Balance massage
2 Private coaching
2 Breathing exercises in the group
1 Final consultation
1 Physiotherapeutic massage1 Craniosacral therapy1 Hydrokinesiotherapy1 Fango pack1 Privat Coaching
Oriental secrets of relaxation
1 Hatma Purity
1 Shiatsu
1 Tibetan Sound Bowl Treatment
1 Water Zen Massage
1 Private Oriental Treatment
1 Harmonising Scalp Massage
Wellbeing and Spa for Men
1 Skin check
1 Anti-aging facial treatment
1 Body treatment - flat stomach
1 Slimming Massage
1 Personal Coaching
For a man’s face
1 Aesthetic counselling and individualisation of the programme
1 Anti-aging facial treatment
1 Facial lifting
1 Facial oxygen therapy or radio frequency
Perfect shape
1 Check-up of the skin
1 Facial treatment (anti-aging)
2 Body shaping treatments (Custom)
1 Massage Fonctionel - toning, anti-cellulite
1 Personal Coaching
Rejuvenation for the skin
1 Beauté Neuve
1 Liftosome
1 Radio Frequency Face
1 Facial massage
The power of the sea for fresh vitality and energy
1 Peeling Massage in the Vichy Shower
1 Thalasso Body Pack
1 Thalasso Alghelba
1 Functionel Massage
1 Thalasso Facial Treatment
1 Grotta Salina
In strong shape
1 Anti-cellulite Clay Treatment
1 Radio frequency
1 Anti-aging Massage with vegetable melatonin
1 Spa Essentiel
1 LPG Endermologie® Body

417 €
Natural wellbeing
1 Facial Treatment with Sangiovese Grapes1 Milk & Honey or Brunello Body Scrub1 Grape Massage1 Olive Cream Massage1 Tuscan Dream Treatment
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