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It is true that "it's hard to find a bottle of bad wine in Tuscany" and that Tuscany is not only famous for its historical Towns and museums but also for its precious wineries and wines; it is not by chance that Tuscany has been elected World's Best Wine Destination in 2012 by Tripadvisor readers.

The ADLER Spa & Relax Resort in Bagno Vignoni in southern Tuscany has been classified at first place in the top 10 of the best wine spa hotels selected worldwide by the American online travel guide In the picturesque southern Tuscany, between the Wineyards of Montepulciano and Montalcino the five-star hotel spa offers special treatments with organic ingredients form Tuscany: milk & honey, olive oil, wine & grapes, like “Brunello wine” baths, Massage with grape, and a “Bacchus ritual” for 2 with the antiaging effects of red grapes and wine.

The wine, the fruit of "eternal youth", offers great potential for spa treatments: the antioxidant agents of grapes are famous for  tightening of the skin, revitalize and prevent premature skin aging.
The wine therapy has become more and more known and famous thanks to the scientifically proven anti-aging effects of wine and grapes seeds oil.

The health component interacts with a treat for the senses, for a multisensory effect: the hotel guests have choice of massages and wine baths, couple's treatments, including the "Brunello Ritual" a wonderful sensory experience for couples. This treatment include a bath enriched with Brunello wine, a subsequent Grapeseed scrub and a rejuvenating massage with grapes seeds oil. At the end of the ritual Tuscan delicacies are served.
The "Bacchus Ritual" is a delightful combination of a bath, enriched with Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and a rejuvenating massage. A natural rejuvenating elixir is the red grape facial treatment. The antioxidant Active ingredient in red wine grape gives the face a more relaxed, clean and  youthful appearance.
The hotel ADLER also features a special anti-aging package - "Wine Experience" – for Short Stay or weekend stays. The package includes 1 Brunello body scrub, 1 Wine-massage, a Facial treatment and a wine tasting in the hotel Wine cellar. 

The excellence of the wines and the selection of the grapes makes Tuscany a very special destination for Wine Therapy treatments.

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