Personal Body Sculpting

On the way to top form for more vitality and joy in life. 

Dedicate more time to your body and give yourself the attention you deserve! Together with our professional personal coach, you will draw up a tailor-made ADLER FIT programme that will make it easy for you to stay in shape even after your holiday with us. Soon you will be feeling more flexible and more energetic than ever!

ADLER FIT Private Coachings

Our professional fitness trainers will draw up a personalised ADLER FIT program with you that will quickly leave you feeling more flexible and energetic than ever.
45 min.
Shizuto Masunaga stretching exercises strengthen the energy fow in the meridians.
45 min.
Breathing movements and relaxation Yoga Exercises with a personalized class with our Yoga Master. ( forfait 2 sessions 137 €)
Video - Hotel Toskana Thermen

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