Enjoy your spa vacationa while you do something good to your health. Speciale Healthy Life Weekes with special reduction of 15% on our MED Essential programmes.

includes full board with individual programme-based diet meals
Arrival is possible on the following days:
Optional programs available

ADLER MED Weight Loss Essential

WEIGHT LOSS - Weight reduction program with focus on healthy and relaxed eating habits.
Minimum Duration of Stay: 3 Nights
€ 537,-

ADLER MED Anti-stress Essential

ANTI-STRESS - Bring body and mind back into balance with a holistic programme including personalised body treatments, biofeedback techniques, natural remedies, sports activities and healthy exercise.
Minimum Duration of Stay: 3 Nights
€ 578,-

ADLER MED Detox for the Intestine

DETOX -  Mainly addressed to those who suffer from digestive and intestinal disorders but also those who manifest chronic fatigue, weakness of the immune system, recurrent genital infections (candidiasis, cystitis), and recurrent headaches or migraines.
Minimum Duration of Stay: 2 Nights
€ 417,-

ADLER MED Detox Essential

DETOX - For those who want to purify and regenerate the body.
Minimum Duration of Stay: 3 Nights
€ 537,-

ADLER MED Prevention Essential

Minimum Duration of Stay: 3 Nights
€ 525,-
This offer is currently not bookable.