O - means Zero, new beginning
O - means Occident , the West, a Yoga that considers our physical and cultural structure (always in symbiosis with a chair, couch, a car, unlike the original Yoga where people always were sitting on the ground and bent on the knees).
O - means ONE, a practice that tries to work on a single (or more) joints at a time. In a normal ASANA you usually work with about 12 joints at a time. A new vision for a Yoga Retreat aimed at those who want to (re) start from the “right beginning” with Yoga and do it in the best of ways.
4 days with Yoga Master Massimiliano D'Apolito in a Special stay that includes:
  • 4 Yoga classes in the group; every day 1 Yoga meeting from 9.00 am to 10.30 am. 
  • 2 Yoga-Massages - individual sessions where the Yoga teacher will help the student in the positions that have multiple limits, also with massage techniques. 
  • 1 Meeting with Ayurveda Dr. Nahrenda Babu to define your DOSHA 
  • Euro 100 Voucher discount for treatments recommended by Yoga Master or Dr. Babu 
  • 1 ADLER Welcome Gift in the room on arrival
Unique date of stay in 2017: 3-7 December 2017. Limited number of participants.
Massimiliano D'Apolito has practiced Yoga since adolescence, and has been a deep lover of sports and outdoor activities. Since 2001, he has taught at C. Patrian Institute of Yoga in Milan and has deepened his knowledge of body and movement by studying at A.D.M. School (Harmony of the Movement of Dr. A. Granata). He soon combined his Yoga practice to the experience of massages and holistic treatments by studying also Shiatsu, Ayurveda and other energy disciplines.
By creating his Yoga-O style, he offers a new approach to all yoga styles, trying to practice asanas by observing body movements in detail. A style that brings the Yoga's experience to a totally personalized path.
Arrival is possible on the following days:
This offer is currently not bookable.