Discover the harmony in you.
A special and exciting 4 day YOGA Journey with Special Guest Anna Lisa Tempestini Discover your inner energy and enhance your self-awareness.
Special stay 11-15 March 2018, which includes:
  • 7 Yoga sessions in the group: from Monday to Wednesday 2 Yoga meetings. On Thursday one final meeting
  • 1 Spa Treatment "The Goddess"
  • 1 Welcome ADLER Yoga Gift 
Anna Lisa Tempestini was born in the United States, and lives in Italy since she was a child. She is a teacher in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga combining asana with meditation and pranayama (breathing).
She travels a lot to study and confront herself with other yoga instructors around the world and to share her experiences.
Her yoga classes are stimulating, uplifting and open to every level.
Her career was inspired by Esther Lim, Elena Brower and Piero Vivarelli.
Arrival is possible on the following days:
This offer is currently not bookable.