7 nights from 2.5 - 20.12
(Can be extended by additional nights up to a maximum of 14 nights.)
The Fasting Mimicking Diet, also called the Longevity Diet, is the result of numerous scientific studies and is able - through the simulation of a temporary caloric restriction - to regenerate cells, activate the stem cells system and even repair DNA.
Stay indicated for:
  • those who want to reduce fat mass and reprogram the metabolism eliminating weight
  • those who want to slow down cellular aging and lower risk factors for metabolic and degenerative diseases
  • those who want to increase their expectation of a long and healthy life
The programme ADLER MED Excellence Fasting Mimicking Diet includes:
  • full pension including 5 days semi-fasting according to the Fasting Mimicking Diet and 2 days diet according to your individual diet plan 
  • 1 Medical consultation
  • 1 Bioelectrical impedance analysis
  • 1 Bioelectric check-up
  • 1 Basic blood tests
  • 1 PPG Stress Flow
  • 1 Medical report
  • 1 Mesotherapy
  • 2 Biofeedback
  • 6 Massages
  • 6 slim treatments
  • 2 sessions of private coaching
  • 3 fat burner training in the group
  • 1 Nutritional profile
  • 1 Final consultation and tips for back home
€ 1.596,- plus stay  per person