ADLER treatments & wine-therapy

ADLER body treatments

13 Programmes

Anti-stress Massage on the Vichy bed

Enjoy a massage under the warm flow of thermal water to
restore the body’s hydration and relaxation.
• 45 min. 79 €

ADLER Tuscany Massage

Choose the best natural product for your skin and enjoy a
personalised massage that alleviates tension, for a lighter
body and a liberated mind.
  • 50 min. 79 €
  • for couples 50 min. 79 € per person

ADLER Luxury Body

Enjoy our luxurious ADLER relax and grooming ritual – individually tailored to your needs and skin type. Experience the visible effects.

• 75 min. 125 €

ADLER Breast and Décolletage Treatment

• 20 min. 57 €

Massage ADLER Fonctionnel

“Tailored” on the blemish to treat: Slim and Tone, Silhouette
or Dren, it combines a customised massage technique with
highly targeted and functional active ingredients.
  • 50 min. 79 €

ADLER Harmony

A massage of head, face, shoulders and nape, ideal to relax
and reduce stress.
• 50 min. € 79

ADLER Body Silhouette

Remodelling treatment. Vegetal melatonin, combined
with DNA complex and hyaluronic acid, stimulates the
production of collagen, improving tissue tone.
The “plaster” mask improves skin firmness and has a tightening
effect. The full-body treatment is followed by a mask
treating a specific area.

• 50 min. 87 €
• 75 min. 125 €

ADLER Body Thalasso

Draining and anti-cellulite treatment. From the sea of Sicily,
a detox treatment with the active agents of algae stimulates
the metabolism acting on water retention and activates
micro-circulation resulting in an immediate draining effect.
• 50 min. 87 €
• 75 min. 125 €

ADLER Body Slim

Slimming full-body treatment. Stem cells of sour grapes,
thermal waters of Bagno Vignoni and hyaluronic acid are
combined to treat cellulite and local fat pads. The contours
of the body are remodelled for an all-round sense of
• 50 min. 87 €
• 75 min. 125 €

ADLER Body Scrub

Gentle, full-body peeling with milk and honey or Brunello,
followed by a moisturising pack that regenerates and
nourishes the skin.

• 50 min. 87 €

ADLER Body Tone

Toning treatment with stem cells to improve skin tone and
elasticity. It strengthens the tissues and reduces stretch
marks. It is recommended before and after sun exposure
and during diets to improve skin firmness.
• 50 min. 87 €
• 75 min. 125 €

ADLER Draining body treatment

Localised body treatment. A pleasant massage and the application
of a slimming body wrap stimulate the drainage of the
tissues and sculpt the contours of the body.

• 50 min. 87 €

ADLER Light Feet

A relaxing massage for tired or swollen feet that gives a total well-being.

• 50 min. € 79

ADLER relaxation rituals

3 Programmes

Grotta Salina

Weightless floating and relaxation in warm thermal water enriched with Dead Sea salt bring deep cleansing and harmony to the skin.

• 20 min. 13 € per person
• exclusive for two 25 € per person

Brunello Ritual

An experience of deep relaxation that will inebriate
your senses. A massage with grape seed oil is combined
with the pleasure of a bath in wine, followed by a
tasting session of Brunello and local cheese in a relaxed
• for couples 75 min. 107 € per person

ADLER Luxury Aetos Ritual

New exclusive and frizzy ritual for Two. A purifying peeling and a relaxing massage with grape-seed oil are followed by a regenerating bath in Aetos wine and Thermal water. A tasting of Rose Sparkling
Aetos and Pecorino cheese matured in Aetos complete the special moment.
• for couples 100 min. 167 € per person

ADLER suggested programmes

11 Programmes
  • 1 Anti-stress Massage on the Vichy bed 
  • 1 Mudtherapy
  • 1 HAKI® Flow in thermal water
  • 1 ADLER Facial Regeneration
  • 1 Grotta Salina
  • +10% discount on additional treatments
      317 €

Ayurveda Relax

  • 3 Ayurvedic Massages (50 min.)
  • 1 Ayurvedic Massage (75 min.)
  • 1 Salt bath
  • +10% discount on additional treatments
      393 €
  • 1 ADLER Peeling Massage on the Vichy bed
  • 1 ADLER Facial Fresh
  • 1 ADLER Body Thalasso 20 min
  • 1 ADLER Body Thalasso 75 min
  • 1 Grotta Salina
  • +10% discount on additional treatments
      343 €

Mama (319 € instead of 343 €)

  • 1 ADLER Facial Sensitive
  • 1 Draining Massage
  • 1 ADLER Tuscany Massage
  • 1 ADLER Body scrub 
  • +10% discount on additional treatments
      319 € instead of 343 €


  • 1 ADLER Facial Sensitivee
  • 1 Draining Massage
  • 1 ADLER Tuscany Massage
  • 1 ADLER Body scrub
  • +10% discount on additional treatments
      343 €

For man

  • 1 ADLER facial cleansing
  • 1 Relax Massage 
  • 1 Anti-stress Massage on the Vichy bed 
  • 1 ADLER Tuscany Massage
  • 1 Manicure or pedicure
  • +10% discount on additional treatments
      367 €

ADLER New Energy

  • 1 ADLER Light Feet
  • 1 ADLER Harmony
  • 1 HAKI® Stretch & Relax
  • 1 HAKI® Flow in Thermal water
  • 1 Grotta Salina
  • +10% discount on further treatments
      319 €

Facial Beauty

  • 1 JetPeel ADLER Premium
  • 2 Facial treatments (50 min.)
  • 10% discount on further treatments
       397 €

Top Form Body

  • 1 Draining Massage
  • 1 ADLER Body Thalasso
  • 1 ADLER Draining treatment
  • 1 Body treatment ADLER
  • 1 Body treatment ADLER High Performance
  • +10% discount on further treatments
      393 €

Magnificent Beauty

  • 1 Skin check up
  • 1 JetPeel Facial Cleansing
  • 1 Bio-revitalisation without Needles with PRX T33 for face, neck, cleavage and hands
  • 1 ADLER Facial treatment (50 min.)
  • 10% discount on further treatments
       413 €


  • 1 Relax Massage
  • 1 Abhyanga Massage (50 min.)
  • 1 ADLER Body scrub 
  • 1 ADLER Facial Regeneration
  • 1 Grotta Salina
  • +10% discount on additional treatments
       363 €

ADLER facial treatments

11 Programmes

JetPeel™ - New!

ADLER Premium (face) 189 €
ADLER Deluxe (face, neck, decolleté) 349 €
ADLER Premium Deluxe (face, neck, decolleté and hands) 419 €
Rejuvenating treatment with oxygen, vitamins and nutrients
achieving immediate results. This high-tech method delivers
active ingredients that are selected based on your skin type
via jets of up to 750 km/h at a depth of 1.5 mm, stimulating
the production of new collagen and hydrating the skin. Facial
muscles are toned, impurities and damaged cells are removed.
The smaller wrinkles are smoothed resulting in a considerably
fresher and younger skin.

Deep facial cleansing with JetPeel™

Hydro dermabrasion for a deep facial cleansing. Ultrafine
water droplets and a jet of oxygen remove dead cells
and even microscopic impurities that cannot be removed
with conventional procedures. This treatment is ideal to
prepare the skin to receive personalised treatments.
• 20 min. 97 €

ADLER Facial cleansing

• 50 min. 127 €

ADLER Luxury Visage

Pure luxury for the skin. This customised treatment combines
the relaxation of a facial massage to the technology of
state-of-the-art techniques, such as oxygen, radio frequency
and LPG Endermologie®.
• 75 min. 154 €

ADLER Man Energy - New!

Specific anti-aging for men
Precious components such as sea water, algae extracts,
hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extracts rapidly penetrate
through the skin, providing intensive hydration and an
immediate mat effect, for a restored young and fresh look.
• 50 min. 127 €

ADLER Facial Lift

Anti-aging lifting
Treatment with tightening and lifting effects. Sour grape stem
cells awake dormant cells and stimulate their production of
new fibroblasts, which resume the production of collagen and
elastin. Combined with the thermal waters of Bagno Vignoni,
peptides and Vitamin A, their restructuring action increases
skin tone, elasticity and firmness.
• 50 min. 127 €

ADLER Facial Regeneration

Global rejuvenating
The best of cosmetics to dominate time!
Senna alata extracts and vegetal melatonin modulate the
expression of genes involved in cutaneous aging, preserving
the functional integrity of the extracellular matrix and
protecting DNA. It is ideal both on young and more mature
skins carrying the signs of age. Combined with waters of the
Dolomites and hyaluronic acid, the DNA Complex provides
deep down hydration for the skin and a regenerated look.

• 50 min. 127 €

ADLER Facial Fresh

Purifying and hydrating
Reduces skin shine, eliminates impurities and decongests
the skin. The algae, sea water and Vitamin C in the citrus
fruits from Sicily are precious components regulating the
metabolic processes of the skin and supporting skin cell
turn-over, for a fresher, younger and more radiant look.
• 50 min. 127 €

ADLER Facial Sensitive

Anti-aging soothing
A hydrating and quenching treatment created to soothe
the skin. The alpine star, rich in antioxidative principles,
together with waters of the Dolomites and Vitamin B5,
protects sensitive skins from pollutants and aging. Skin is
provided with long-lasting protection, tone, firmness and
radiance, while wrinkles are attenuated.
• 50 min. 127 €

ADLER Facial Radiance

Skin lightener for dyschromia
Dedicated to mature skin. A lightening and energizing action
donates a radiant and mat complexion to skins with spots
and irregular tone. Red grape anthocyanins are a potent
natural antioxidant. Combined with the thermal waters of
Bagno Vignoni, they preserve cell DNA integrity from free
radicals and inhibit the excessive production of melanin. The
skin is more radiant, strong and protected.
• 50 min. 127 €

ADLER Vitamins for Body and Face

Body and face scrub followed by a massage with a moisturising
raspberry mousse rich in vitamins and with beneficial
effects on the circulatory system.
• 75 min. 125 €
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