Ayurveda Treatments


8 Programmes


A purifying and nourishing massage with oil and warm herbs.

• 50 min. 87 €


Full-body purifying and regenerating treatment with warm
bags filled up with of herbs and spices.
• 75 min. 125 €

Ayur-Senses Treatment - New!

A personalised ritual based on the Dosha of beauty, wellbeing
and remise en forme. An effective elixir of youth for
who is looking for a full-body and mind feeling of lightness,
which is achieved with medicinal herbs and aromatic oils applied
with marvellous and enveloping massage techniques.


Ideal for who suffers from stress. A massage prepares you
for the flow of warm oil in the middle of the forehead to
free the mind.
• 75 min. 125 €


A full-body nourishing massage with warm sesame oil that
soothes tension and has a detoxifying effect.
• 50 min. 87 €


A massage with warm sesame oil on the body, head, face
and feet that reduces stress and favours sleep.

• 75 min. 125 €


Performed by applying pressure with the feet on all the
body, it relieves tension and stimulates flow of energy.
  • 50 min. 87 €
  • 75 min. 125 €

Ayurveda Relax

  • 3 Ayurvedic Massages (50 min.)
  • 1 Ayurvedic Massage (75 min.)
  • 1 Salt bath
  • +10% discount on additional treatments
      393 €

Ayurveda applications with the doctor

11 Programmes

Master Ayurveda Treatment

A rebalancing massage customised by the Ayurvedic
Master that follows the reading of the flow of Prana energy.
• 75 min. 125 €

Shiro Picchu

Oil compresses on the forehead harmonise the flow of thoughts.

• 75 min. 125 €


A treatment including yoga elements that awakens the
maximum psychological and physical potential.
• 50 min. 87 €

Marma Treatment

A light pressure on the Marma points restores the harmony
of the body’s internal organs.
• 50 min. 87 €

Avagaha Sweda

A gentle massage with warm oil followed by a relaxing bath stimulates the circulation, creating detoxifying effects and revitalising the skin.

• 75 min. 125 €


The gentle cleansing massage has detoxifying effects and
strengthens the immune system.
• 50 min. 87 €

Nasya Therapy

A special treatment that clears the respiratory system.

• 20 min. 57 €

Navara Kizhi

A cleansing massage with warm bags of medicinal rice and herbs. Good for rheumatism, pains of the joints and muscles, and back pains (e.g. sciatica, slipped disc, etc).

• 75 min. 125 €

Karna Purana

A special treatment for earache, tinnitus, headache and body
and jaw pain.
• 20 min. 57 €

Ayurvedic Cleansing Programme

An individualised treatment comprising diagnosis, cleansing and counselling for a healthy and harmonious lifestyle. The ideal way to restore the balance of the Doshas.
  • 1 Ayurvedic medical visit and personalization of your programme
  • 2 Snehapana detoxification
  • 1 Virechana detoxification
  • 1 Kerala Massage
  • 1 Abhyanga
  • 1 Ayurvedic food supplements
  • Daily Yoga exercises in the group
  • +10% discount on further treatments
       487 €

Ayurveda Regeneration Programme

For restoration of the harmonious interaction of the Doshas, specific treatments are provided to reactivate the body’s powers of self-healing and stimulate the natural functioning of all organs.
As a welcome side effect, this programme also has visible rejuvenating effects on your appearance.
  • 1 Ayurvedic medical visit and personalized programme
  • 1 Virechana detoxification
  • 1 Foot reflex zone massage in the thermal water
  • 1 Kerala
  • 1 Kundalini
  • 1 Marma
  • 1 Ayurvedic food supplements
  • Daily Yoga exercises in the group
  • +10% discount on further treatments
      487 €