HAKI® Treatments


6 Programmes

HAKI® Flow in thermal water

Be revived in water light and carefree. The body is gently straightened, rotated and stretched with the lightness of a wave. Thanks to the healing power of water and gentle movements you will find yourself.
  • 50 min. € 87

HAKI® Sacral Delux

Treatment for the woman's back. Starting from the neck, passing at the back and finishing in the lumbar region delicate movements loose tension in the area of the back, neck and head. With rhythm and vibration, these tensions are then downloaded through the fontanelle and feet. The torso and
basin are activated and enriched with the energy of fire.
  • 50 min. 87 €

HAKI® Purna

Complete "head to feet" treatment where through stretches performed with specific Haki handles the physical and mental balance is reactivated. Ideal for those who have many thoughts, live a sedentary lifestyle and have an upset back caused by the tension of the muscle apparatus.
  • 75 min 125 €

HAKI® Stretch & Relax

Wellness starts from the head. The treatment focuses on shoulders, neck, head and foot with pressure and stretching targeted to bring you in touch with your inner vibration. Harmony will be achieved in the nervous and muscle system and create a feeling of regeneration and balance.
  • 50 min. 87 €

HAKI® Sacral

Relieves the tensions of your back with sweet pressures and gives an effect of harmony and relaxation by activating the self-healing powers of the body.
  • 50 min 87 €

ADLER New Energy

  • 1 ADLER Light Feet
  • 1 ADLER Harmony
  • 1 HAKI® Stretch & Relax
  • 1 HAKI® Flow in Thermal water
  • 1 Grotta Salina
  • +10% discount on further treatments
      319 €