Massages & Therapeutic treatments


15 Programmes

ADLER Tuscany Massage

Personalised relax massage with the best that Mother Earth has to offer. Spoil yourself with milk and honey body butter, velvety olive cream, and body oil with vegetable melatonin or grapeseed oil.
  • 50 min. 79 €
  • for couples 50 min. 79 € per person

Anti-stress Massage on the Vichy bed

You lie pleasantly relaxed under jets of warm thermal water and enjoy a feel-good massage with almond oil for an all-round revitalised body feeling.

• 45 min. 79 €

Sports massage

Powerful massage with intensive effects on the muscles – in preparation for sport activities or for relaxing the muscles afterwards.

• 50 min. 79 €

ADLER Harmony

A massage to head, face, shoulders and neck that is performed with rhythmic movements partly delicate, partly vigorous for a relaxing effect. The intense stimulation revitalizes the skin of the face and scalp hair and it helps to regain a pleasant feeling of vitality. Deep welfare to the whole body. 

• 50 min. € 79

Draining Massage

This special massage technique strengthens the microcirculation and stimulates the lymphatic system. For cleansing the tissues and draining accumulations of water – and a heightened sense of the lightness of being.

• 50 min. 79 €

Hot Stone Massage

Relax massage with warm lava stones and oil to relieve muscle tension and activate the flow of energy.

• 50 min. 79 €

Foot Reflexology Massage

For every organ of the body there is a reflex zone in the feet. Stimulation applied to a certain point on the sole of the foot has a reflex influence on the corresponding organ and subsequent healing effects.

• 50 min. 79 €

Fonctionnel Massage

Highly effective functional massage employing a combination of specific serums from aromatic essential oils and a stimulating
massage for targeted problem zone results.
  • 50 min. 79 €

Aromatherapy Massage

Some etheric oils have stimulating effects in cases of exhaustion or lack of energy while others have calming effects and are used to treat insomnia or nervous tension. An individual full-body massage for harmony in body and soul.

• 50 min. 79 €

Relax Massage

This relaxing full-body massage releases muscle tension and creates a feeling of harmony and wellbeing. Even more effective in combination with a fango pack.
  • 20 min. 55 €
  • 50 min. 79 €

Water Zen Massage

Harmonisation and relaxation for body and soul in the warm thermal water, created by the use of special Shiatsu, Ayurveda and Thai massage techniques.

• 45 min. 87 €
• for couples 45 min. 87 € per person

Classic Massage

Traditional full-body Swedish massage for relaxed muscles, improved circulation and mental calm. We recommend an ADLER Massage oil selected to meet your individual needs: Vitality, Arnica, Almond, Fitomelatonin, Grape Seed or Olive.

  • 20 min. 55 €
  • 50 min. 79 €

Mediterranean Massage

Relaxing and moisturising massage with citrus essences for wellbeing in body and soul.

• 50 min. 79 €

ADLER Light Feet

A relaxing massage for tired or swollen feet that gives a total well-being.

• 50 min. € 79
  • 1 Anti-stress Massage on the Vichy bed 
  • 1 Fango bath
  • 1 HAKI® Flow in thermal water
  • 1 Excellence facial treatment
  • 1 Grotta Salina
  • +10% discount on additional treatments
      317 €

Therapeutic treatments

14 Programmes

Therapeutic Massage

Individualised massage with positive effects for the joints, muscles and vertebral column. Recommended for back, neck and shoulder pain, and for sciatica.

  • 20 min. 63 €
  • 50 min. 87 €

Thai massage

In Thai massage, special stretching and compression techniques are employed to loosen the various muscle groups and improve the circulation and the flexibility of the joints.

• 75 min. 125 €

Energy Balance treatment

A combination of the techniques used in foot reflexology massage, Shiatsu and Reiki opens up the body’s energy paths and relaxes the nervous system so that your life energy Qi can flow again.

• 75 min. 125 €


This Far Eastern massage technique works with the meridians of the body. Gentle pressure is applied with the fingers to clear blockages in the meridians so that your life energy Qi can flow again.

• 50 min. 87 €

Craniosacral Therapy

Gentle manipulation technique targeted at the cervical spine and coccyx to stimulate the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. Recommended for stress, tension, back pain, migraine, tinnitus and depressive moods.

  • 50 min. 87 €
  • 75 min. 125 €

Abdominal massage

Releases Diaphragma tension and stimulates the digestion.
• 50 min. 87 €

Lymph drainage

Gentle grips are employed to stimulate the circulation and lymphatic flow. Effective treatment for oedemas, impaired drainage, swellings, cellulite and for general drainage and toxin removal.

• 50 min. 87 €

Harmonising Backbone Treatment

Deep but gentle grips are used to release muscle tension and blockages caused by poor posture.

• 50 min. 87 €

Electromedical Treatment

For relief from inflammation and muscle tension. Ultrasound treatment stimulates the self-healing processes.
  • 20 min., 2 sessions 119 €
  • 50 min., 2 sessions 165 €

Tui Na

Chinese massage targeted at the meridians. The massage harmonises yin and yang, relieves pain and regulates the circulation.

• 75 min. 125 €


Ideal for back pain. The benefit of the spa water combined with mobilization techniques, enables a broad recovery of mobility, increases muscle trophism and prevents loads and trauma of all articolazioni. May also be practiced to prevent and improve the musculoskeletal integrity.

• 87 €, 2 sessions 165 €

Heaven and Earth

Relaxing neck and head massage combined with an energising foot massage.

• 50 min. 87 €

Tecar Therapy

Treatment with an appliance for stimulating the body’s natural repair mechanisms. Pain and inflammation control effects on muscles, tendons and fascia often set in after the very first application.

  • 20 min., 2 sessions 119 €
  • 50 min., 2 sessions 165 €

Healthy Back

  • 1 Therapeutic Massage 
  • 1 Relax Massage 
  • 1 Fango pack
  • 1 Private Coaching (45 min.)
  • 1 Hydrokinetic Therapy
  • +10% discount on additional treatments
      343 €