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ADLER MED® medical treatments

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Cosmetic medical visit

97 €

General medical check-up

Bioelectric check-up with Vega Check
Personal nutrition profile

274 €

Check-Up Male 60+

  • Medical consultation male 60+
  • Bioelectric check-up
  • Bio-impedance analysis
  • Specific blood tests
  • Urine test
  • Faecal occult blood test (on request)
672 €

Check-Up Female 60+

  • Medical consultation female 60+
  • Bioelectric check-up
  • Bio-impedance analysis
  • Specific blood tests
  • Urine test
  • Faecal occult blood test (on request)
672 €

Check-Up Male 45+

  • Medical consultation male 45+
  • Bioelectric check-up
  • Bio-impedance analysis
  • Specific blood tests
  • Urine test
  • Faecal occult blood test (on request)
672 €

Check-Up Female 45+

  • Medical consultation female 45+
  • Bioelectric check-up
  • Bio-impedance analysis
  • Specific blood tests
  • Urine test
  • Faecal occult blood test (on request)
609 €

Dysbiosis test

97 €
Iomet test for active cell nutrition. Detects cell nutrition deficiencies and determines measures to compensate vital substance deficiencies.

137 €

Coeliac test

97 €


The treatment activates the circulation and is effective for arthrosis, scars etc.

103 €

Diagnostic Profile

Impedeziometria and Bioelectric check-up with Vega Check

207 €

Nutrition profile with Nutrigenetics test iGenesis®

Thanks to Nutrigenetics it is possible to test the DNA regarding predispositions and individual nutritional needs while recognizing every person as unique and ensuring the upmost scientific rigor.
The DNA investigation of iGenesis® is structured in five complementary modules which analyze different functional areas
for a fully personalized and integrated approach to the patient’s health.
Slim: Metabolism of macronutrients and weight management
Micro: Metabolism of vitamins and minerals
Sensor: Predisposition to food intolerances and sensitivities
Health: Predisposition to risk conditions and metabolic diseases
Detox: Antioxidant and detoxification capability.
- Medical consultation
- Bio-impedancemetry with nutrition profile
- Nutrigenetics test iGenesis®
- Personalized diet
  • 857 €


Traditional Chinese treatment for pains, fatigue and digestive disorders.

Two sessions of 20 min. 137 €


The cause for many disorders lies in the intestine. An in-depth purification can support the peristalsis and promote the restoration of a healthy intestinal flora. Thereby it couneracts annoying symptoms as griping and diarrhea. Enjoy a new feeling of lightness!
  • 1 Medical consultation
  • 1 Soin Detox Minceur Maria Galland
  • 1 Balance lunch
  • 1 Private breathing course
  • 1 Salt Grotto
  • 1 Abdominal massage
  • 1 Detox cure set
337 €

Female Hormone Level TOP Performance

A new «Anti-Aging» package just for women that includes a full medical check-up and a specific blood analysis that looks at
hormone balance, which has a major impact on aging. Through the blood analysis, we will be able to assess your blood count;
liver, kidney and thyroid function; metabolism of sugars and fats; and levels of stress hormones and the female DHEA hormone,
plus more. Based on the results, we will then prescribe a recommended course of action that may include DHEA supplements
(DHEA being a hormone normally produced in the body, which peaks in a woman’s mid-20s and then dramatically decreases with age).
  • 1 Medical consultation
  • 1 Blood test
  • 1 Follow-up consultation with blood count analysis
317 €

Anti aging medical visit

visit of prevention to stay healthy and active.

97 €

Oxidative Stress Check

97 €

Bioelectrical check up with Vega Check

localization of various disorders (latent or chronic inflammatory processes, disorders of energy, allergies)

137 €

Medical visit

97 €


137 €

Check-Up Female/Male 35+

  • Medical consultation female/male 35+
  • Bioelectric Check-up
  • Bio-impedance analysis
  • Specific blood tests
  • Urine test
604 €

Guided breathing and abdominal massage

Releases the diaphragm, and reactivate the intestine.

€ 97

Food Intolerance Test

215 €

Bach Flowers and Phytotherapy

To balance emotions and restore mental and physical balance.

137 €

Homeopathic visit

154 €

Blood tests

Blood samples, medical reports and medical examination by a guest's stay
- Basic profile € 120
- Thyroid profile from 155 €
- Profile woman from 229 €
- Profile man from 210 €
- Urine tests 14 €
- Test for occult blood stool € 28


For measuring muscle mass, body fat, total liquids.

• 137 €
• with nutrition profile 156 €
• with blood group diet 243 €

Package "Healthy Intestine"

The intestine is our most important immune system and converts what we eat in energy. Nevertheless, we often give it only attention when we feel disorders as gas, bloating, constipation or fatigue after eating. The IDEA diagnostic tests provides information on its state of health and the presence of inflammatory processes in the
intestine. Due to the test analysis we find out how to be able to return to an optimal digestion.
  • 1 Medical consultation
  • 1 Testo of digestive activity
347 €

Stress hormone test

97 €