Treatments with thermal water

Aqua Wellness & Fangotherapy

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Grotta Salina

Weightless floating and relaxation in warm thermal water enriched with Dead Sea salt bring deep cleansing and harmony to the skin.

• 20 min. 13 € per person
• exclusive for two 25 € per person

Anti-stress Massage on the Vichy bed

You lie pleasantly relaxed under jets of warm thermal water and enjoy a feel-good massage with almond oil for an all-round revitalised body feeling.

• 45 min. 79 €


Shiatsu in warm thermal water for deep relaxation in body and soul. The floating effect in the water releases blockages and stimulates the flow of energy.

• 45 min. 87 €

Salt Bath

High-pressure water jets and warm Thalasso mud stimulate the circulation and lymphatics.

• 15 min. 42 €


Inorganic minerals are a precious natural resource important for life. Produced in the lab mineral muds are highly efficient,
containing bioactive volcanic minerals and thermal water, stimulating natural regeneration.
- Tension: Fango with zeolite clay is good for back and neck pains, tendinitis and strained muscles. Releasing muscle
tension it offers an optimal preparation for a massage.
- Traumas: Fango with halloysite clay accelerates
the resorption of water in the tissues. Recommended for bruises and swellings.
- Arthrosis: Fango with montmorillonite reduces inflammation and eases pain. Recommended for joint wear and chronic
joint pains.

• 20 min. 47 €, 2 sessions 87 €


Ideal for back pain. The benefit of the spa water combined with mobilization techniques, enables a broad recovery of mobility, increases muscle trophism and prevents loads and trauma of all articolazioni. May also be practiced to prevent and improve the musculoskeletal integrity.

• 87 €, 2 sessions 165 €

Relaxing Herbal or Essence Bath

Feel-good bath in the hydromassage tub with 170 massage jets, enriched with a choice of organic herbs or oil essences. Ideal preparation for a massage.

• 15 min. 42 €

Water Zen Massage

Harmonisation and relaxation for body and soul in the warm thermal water, created by the use of special Shiatsu, Ayurveda and Thai massage techniques.

• 45 min. 87 €
• for couples 45 min. 87 € per person