Treatments with thermal water

Aqua Wellness & Fangotherapy

12 Programmes

ADLER Water Sensation - New!

A deep relaxation for body and mind, thanks to the beneficial
effects of thermal water and specific oriental massage
• 45 min. 87 €
• for two 45 min. 87 € per person

HAKI® Flow in thermal water

Be revived in water light and carefree. The body is gently straightened, rotated and stretched with the lightness of a wave. Thanks to the healing power of water and gentle movements you will find yourself.
  • 50 min. € 87

Anti-stress Massage on the Vichy bed

Enjoy a massage under the warm flow of thermal water to
restore the body’s hydration and relaxation.
• 45 min. 79 €

Grotta Salina

Weightless floating and relaxation in warm thermal water enriched with Dead Sea salt bring deep cleansing and harmony to the skin.

• 20 min. 13 € per person
• exclusive for two 25 € per person


Inorganic minerals are a precious natural resource important for life. Produced in the lab mineral muds are highly efficient,
containing bioactive volcanic minerals and thermal water, stimulating natural regeneration.
- Tension: Fango with zeolite clay is good for back and neck pains, tendinitis and strained muscles. Releasing muscle
tension it offers an optimal preparation for a massage.
- Traumas: Fango with halloysite clay accelerates
the resorption of water in the tissues. Recommended for bruises and swellings.
- Arthrosis: Fango with montmorillonite reduces inflammation and eases pain. Recommended for joint wear and chronic
joint pains.

• 20 min. 47 €, 2 sessions 87 €


Shiatsu in warm thermal water for deep relaxation in body and soul. The floating effect in the water releases blockages and stimulates the flow of energy.

• 45 min. 87 €

Salt Bath

High-pressure water jets and warm Thalasso mud stimulate the circulation and lymphatics.

• 15 min. 42 €

Relaxing Herbal or Essence Bath

Feel-good bath in the hydromassage tub with 170 massage jets, enriched with a choice of organic herbs or oil essences. Ideal preparation for a massage.

• 15 min. 42 €


Ideal for back pain. The benefit of the spa water combined with mobilization techniques, enables a broad recovery of mobility, increases muscle trophism and prevents loads and trauma of all articolazioni. May also be practiced to prevent and improve the musculoskeletal integrity.

• 87 €

Water Craniosacral Therapy

A delicate manipulative technique of the cervical spine and
coccyx re-establishing the cervical and spinal flow.
Recommended for stress, tension, back ache, migraines,
tinnitus and anxiety. Its effect is amplified by the water.
  • 45 min. 87 €

Foot Reflexology in Water

The benefit foot reflexology which, by stimulating specific
points of the foot provides an extended relief to the internal
organs, is combined with the benefit of water, which deeply
relaxes the body, amplifying its effect.
• 45 min. 87 €

Water Zen Massage

Harmonisation and relaxation for body and soul in the warm thermal water, created by the use of special Shiatsu, Ayurveda and Thai massage techniques.

• 45 min. 87 €
• for couples 45 min. 87 € per person