Treatments for couples

Treatments for twosomes

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ADLER Water Sensation - New!

A deep relaxation for body and mind, thanks to the beneficial
effects of thermal water and specific oriental massage
• 45 min. 87 €
• for two 45 min. 87 € per person

ADLER Tuscany Massage

Choose the best natural product for your skin and enjoy a
personalised massage that alleviates tension, for a lighter
body and a liberated mind.
  • 50 min. 79 €
  • for couples 50 min. 79 € per person

Grotta Salina Exclusive for Two

Magic moments and a romantic experience for two. Weightless floating in warm thermal water enriched with Dead Sea salt brings deep cleansing and harmony to the skin.

• 20 min. 25 € per person

Thai Sensation

This exceptional facial treatment is a real youth elixir. Warm herbal pads, perilla oil and scented essences of ylang ylang, curcuma and kaffir lime make the relaxing facial massage a romantic event for Two.

• for couples 50 min. 127 € per person

Rasul bath

Exclusive steam bath where, together, you will
experience a beauty ritual with purifying mud that will
make your skin smooth and velvety.
• 40 min. 44 € per person

Salt ritual for two

Magic moments and a romantic experience for two. Weightless floating and relaxation in warm thermal water enriched with Dead Sea salt followed by a cleansing aroma bring beauty to the skin and calm to the mind.

• 35 min. 42 € per person

Aromatic Savonage

Purifying anti-aging ritual. Soft natural soap and precious aromatic oils clear and regenerate your skin. The savonage of black sesame, lemongrass or thai noni soap is followed by a soft pampering
full-body massage with warm coconut oil and essences of lavender, ylang ylang and curcuma.

• for couples 50 min. 97 € per person

Luxury Oriental Ritual

Beguiling aromas of the Orient accompany this most exclusive
of all treatments for couples. Choose the aroma of your
treatment among lotus, jasmine and frangipani!
Enjoy a footbath with aromatic rose salt, followed by a gentle
peeling, while sipping an infusion. Then, a massage with aloe
vera pulp and warm coconut oil relaxes the body while a facial
treatment with nourishing products and the application
of crystals will make your skin dreamlike.
• 100 min. 167 € per person

Romantic Experience

A relaxing footbath with rose aromatic salt prepares you for a massage of head, neck and shoulders with warm coconut oil and essences of lavender, geranium and eucalyptus. Pleasant-smelling ginger balm releases the muscles. A foot massage with warm coconut oil and eucalyptus cream rounds off the ritual and provides a sensation of lightness.
• 75 min. 107 € per person

Water Zen Massage

Harmonisation and relaxation for body and soul in the warm thermal water, created by the use of special Shiatsu, Ayurveda and Thai massage techniques.

• 45 min. 87 €
• for couples 45 min. 87 € per person

Oriental Aroma Ceremony

A ritual like one in an exotic fairy tale. Warm bags of precious
herbs and Oriental spices immersed in warm and aromatic
coconut oil are massaged on the whole body. This ritual from
South East Asia pampers your senses and provides fragrant
• 50 min. 97 € per person

Brunello Ritual

An experience of deep relaxation that will inebriate
your senses. A massage with grape seed oil is combined
with the pleasure of a bath in wine, followed by a
tasting session of Brunello and local cheese in a relaxed
• for couples 75 min. 107 € per person